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Pet Profile
Pet name: Kritter
I am a: Cat Breed White DSH
Pet gender: Male
Pet Age: 14
Size: Small (11-25 lbs)
Pet color: White
Pet social status: I am a companion pet
Seeking: Pet Pals
Pet Trait: Playful
About my owner: Catlady loves ALL cats! In fact, she is a Cat Sitter (but she also sits Dawgs) which I like because when she comes home I sniff every part of her jeans for the smells of the other Cats & Dawgs she takes care of.
Pet rules for owner: Don't touch my ears! I just don't like it. I also like to have my tail pulled. Catlady pulls my tail & says "whoop" and I really like it! I have to eat special food, and I really like it when she puts out toys I haven't seen in a while
Favorite treats: I don't like Cat treats, but I love anything that falls from the counter! I'll eat anything! Even onion skin (which I KNOW isn't good for me, but I eat it anyway). I love to lick the plates before they go in the dishwasher.....................
Pet activities: I love to jump in empty box's, paper bags, play with twisty ties, bottle tops, and anything I can retrieve for Catlady.
Pet education: Specialty Tricks
Go to the groomer: Doesn't need it
Funniest habits: Comes & gets me when it's time to eat!
Tricks & Recognition Awards: When Catlady says "Kritter, do the Elvis" I curl my lips & say "mrrrrppp" She says I look just like Elvis Presley when I do that!
Pet Living: Indoors
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