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Signup Date:Sep. 21, 2009

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Pet Profile
Pet name: Mitzi
I am a: Dog
Pet gender: Female
Pet Age: 1
Size: Tiny (1-10 lbs)
Pet color: black
Pet social status: I am a companion pet
Seeking: Pet Pals
Pet Trait: Sociable
About my owner: My momma is a single woman with three human children. She teaches first grade during the day, and designs digital scrapbooking products at night. We spend too much time by the computer! She loves to travel and learn about historical places and people. She also loves photography and takes pictures of me all the time!
Pet rules for owner: Pick me up when I want to come down stairs. Share your yogurt with me. Take me wherever you go! When I start to get tired, turn off the computer and take me to bed because you know I can't jump down and go there myself. Most importantly, love me like I love you!
Favorite treats: strawberry yogurt, Greenies dental treats
Pet activities: I love to go walking in the park, riding in the car, playing fetch, playing with my pal Recees!
Pet education: None of your business
Go to the groomer: Regularly
Pet Living: Indoors
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