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Smoochie is watching over PetSmooch
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Last Update:5 years ago
Signup Date:Jan. 8, 2008

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Posted 10 years ago
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Random Love
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My Pet Can't Pay the Mortgage, Pet names: what do you call your pet?, The Turtle Moves
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Smoochie uploaded new photos to their album: Random Love
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Smoochie uploaded new photos to their album: Random Love
Pet Profile
Pet name: Smoochie
I am a: Dog Breed Mixed
Pet gender: Male
Size: Medium (26-50 lbs)
Pet social status: Have pet pals
Seeking: Pet Pals
Pet Trait: Sociable
About my owner: My owners think I'm a lot of work. They are basically the reincarnation of "The Underdog". Especially Tirza! She is always trying to rescue me. Well, as a member of the canine kingdom, I think she's a lot of work. I'm always trying to protect her. I follow her everywhere, shopping, visiting friends, hiking, website viewing, people watching (I watch the French poodles!). She's always having company come over... that's his favorite. Oh, fleas are not welcome.....
Pet rules for owner: My rules are simple - lean, organic chow, Gourmet Snacks, butterflies and crickets. I insist on having an outstanding doggie wardrobe collection. I have him take me to Trendysville, near Dogdomimium (where I live)... In Trendysville I go to Studsville.. Well, need I bark more? Being a Groovy Dog, I need my style in tact. I am a bed hog, and if my owners mess with me, I make them take me outside for a potty run, and I mean RUN! Then, I'll let them go back to sleep. (Tirza doesn't sleep and folks at Linkfinity have no life anyway!).
Favorite treats: Unfortunately, I think it's socks. Naughty dog!! I love peanut butter and chicken nuggets; and Newman's Own Organics is a paw's up!
Pet activities: CHASING, running marathons, splashing in water, going for car drives, tasting treats at the Doggie Boutique, SLEEPING SLEEPING SLEEPING! (Did I forget EATING?)

Pet education: Know-it-all
Go to the groomer: Often
Funniest habits: Running around the house at supersonic speed
Tricks & Recognition Awards: You might say, "I'm a dog of all tricks" - here are just a few of them:

Shake Hands, turn around, crawl, beg, roll over, stretch up-side-down, fetch, smooch

I am a graduate of 'KibbleGarten' and am going for my 'Bachelor of Arf’s' Yiploma

However, my greatest achievements lies in 'track-n-fetch'. That's right - you throw something in a field and I will track it!!!

Pet Living: Both Indoors and Outdoors
Funniest pet story: I have sooooo many - here's one: Eating a shoe. I think that's positively posh and pretty funny.... Nowadays I am into eating pet sites! Yes, I want PetSmooch to be the only destination for schmoozing...
Owner Profile
Owner full name: Linkfinity and Tirza Van Noord
Relationship to pet: Owner
Owner gender: Classified
Owner zodiac sign: Virgo
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4"-5'7" (161-170cm)
Body type: Height-weight proportionate
Smoker: Socially
Drinker: Rarely
Occupation: Pet Smoocher
Education: Student of Life
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Favorite hang-out: Bookstores with coffee
Accomplishments & Awards : Various web services for the users of new media.
Owner living with: Family
Children: 3 children
Travels with pet: Seldom
Looking for: Networking
Activities: Bicycling, Swimming, Reading, Watching people, Spending time with my kids.
Owner's Interests: Trying out the latest technologies, traveling, history, literature, art
About my pet: This is Smoochie's pawtfolio. He is spoiled rotten, and likes to be stylish and trendy. His day begins with meeting new pet members of, other pets, and pet owners (loves children). He is the mascot and guard dog of this site.
City: Marina del Rey
ZIP Code: 90295
State/Province: CA
Country: U.S.A.

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MochasMommy - 9:16 AM on Jan. 28, 2008  reply | message
Thanks for the Invite! :) We love the site !!!
Jasmine - 2:54 PM on Jan. 24, 2008  reply | message
okay smoochie! I have uploaded pic with more to follow in photo album. Arf.