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Welcome to PetSmooch!

PetSmooch is the best and the only truly social networking site for pets and animal friendly people on the net. We bring together pets, pet owners and people who have a passion for pets and concerned about the natural balance of our world. Join Pet Smooch now and find like-minded people from the world wide web.
  • build your own network of pets, pet owners and pet friendly people who share your interests
  • create a pet blog, profile, post your pet journals
  • share photos, albums, videos, stories and communicate safely and privately
  • create your own group or join other members' groups
  • ...and so much more and it's all free!

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Pet names: what do you call your pet?
16 members
Join in a lively discussion of how you named your pet and what your influences were. Does you pet look like your Aunt Josephine? Do you think pets should have non-human names? Have you had 4 dogs named Sausage? Or Snowball I, II and III? What about nicknames? Do you ever call your pet

The No Pet Left Behind Travel Group
8 members
For pet owners who've been around the block when it comes to traveling around the world with an animal companion. Where have you and your pet traveled together? Do you have an exotic pet you travel with? Is it hard to get accommodations when traveling with a pet? What about eating out?<

My Pet Can't Pay the Mortgage
5 members
Is keeping a woof over your head a pressing concern? Is buying or selling a house creating an uncertain future for your pets or those of someone you know? We're discussing the mortgage crisis, the economic downturn, and its consequence on pets and their families. Ask for ideas, offer su

The Turtle Moves
4 members
A group for fans of Terry Pratchett!!

Tiny Breeds
4 members
All owners of small breed dogs welcome.
Recent News
Enjoying yourselves?
Well folks we've been adding and improving as we go. We added events, discussions, forums and new features are coming up very soon. Enjoy, participate and feed us back. (Means give us feedback. Uppidy!)

PetSmooch in the press!
Jan 28, 2008
WE MADE FRONT PAGE! Read the Daily Breeze article about PetSmooch.

The doors are open now!
January 30, 2008
You can now signup without an invite code. Come on in, and rejoice! Remember, we are still beta and we're hoping you will participate.

Give us your feedback to help us make PetSmooch the best place for 'Social Petworking' on the World Wide Web!

Almost live!
20 January 2008
We're getting ready to go live! The press release went out already! We plan to do invitation only membership for awhile. Tirza is driving us crazy to launch it... Any problems you discover are her fault!
We want to be fully open with more features like classified ads and discussion forums. (Although, members can create groups and discuss anything they want already!)
Oh, and events! Yes, soon members will be able to create events and invite other members to their social events. We can't wait to add that! Smoochie, sit!